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Parent Collaboration Between Japan, Germany and Italy - Volume II
Date 25 November 1941
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 2
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Article 2 "The contracting parties will jointly invite a third nation, whose internal peace is menaced by destructive activities of the Communist International, to take defense measures in the spirit of this pact, or to participate in the pact. Article 3 "As regards this pact, the Japanese and German texts are official* It comes into force on the day of signing and will be effective for five years. The contracting parties will, at a proper date prior to the expiration of the term, come to an understanding as to the form of cooperation between the two countries thereafter. "As an evidence thereof, the undersigned duly entrusted by their respective home governments, signed and sealed this pact. Two copies of this pact were prepared at Berlin on the 2?th November of the 11th year of Showa, i.e. the 2?th November, 1936. (Sgd) Viscount MUSHAKOJI, Kintomo Envoy Extraordinary and Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Japanese Bnpire (Sgd) JOACHIM V. RIBBENTROP Envoy Extraordinary and Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Germany.