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Parent Examination of Documents Results November 12, 1947
Date 12 November 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 6
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from November 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Memo to Mr. Tavenner (Cont'd) Page 312 November 1947 cooperation in China. TOGO, who, at one time, suggested such preferential treatment had declared later that the Japanese Government could not grant it. The newly appointed Japanese Ambassador in Home, SHIRATORI, however, mentioned preferential treatment in an interview of 26 October in Tokyo. Wiehl stressed the fact that Germany is entitled to a preferential treatment not only politically but also economically and morally because of her aid given to Japan (recall of military advisers, stopping of war materials deliveries and losses resulting therefrom). OSHIMA showed full understanding and declared that he had always urged preferential treatment and that the Army is in favor of it. He informed Wiehl that he had sent an energetic wire report to Tokyo on 9 December to the effect that the preferential treat¬ment should be granted in writing. He further informed him that he had sent letters to the same effect to leading personalities of the Japanese Army through a Japanese General who recently visited Berlin. He promised to send a report based on today's conversation to Tokyo. X 4. IPS Document No. 4045, Item XXV. This is a correction of a telegram dated 24 October 1939 which is Item XXIV of the same document. Both Items are identical with IPS Document No. 4033, Items 2 and 3 respectively (see report on IPS Document No. 4033, Item 2, in my memo dated 3 November 1947). The correction itself concerns only an inconsequential typographical error and has been considered in the translation of IPS Document No. 4033, Item 2 which is attached to the original. 5. IPS Document No. 4047. A. Item 9, a telegram by Woermann dated 5 August 1939 and reads: "Up to now. no details are known here regarding the origin of the communique issued by the Japanese Ambassadors in Berlin and Rome about their conferences on Lake Como. Request a report by wire regarding reaction towards communique from the side of the government <insert>and press."</insert> B. Item 11, his reply to Item 9 sent by Ott and dated 7 August 1939. "The communique has neither appeared in the press here nor has it become known in some other way. The <insert>newspapers</insert> brought only the following declaration of SHIRATORI: "It is no accident that Villa Esthe is the place of our meeting. This is where Foreign Minister Count Ciano and Ribbentrop met to conclude a fruitful agreement between the two friendly nations. That was a good omen for us."