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Parent SAITO, Yoshie
Date 8 September 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Memo to Mr. Sutton (Cont?ÇÖd) 8 Sept 47 At (R 6279) it is stated ?Ç£Apparently KURUSU is not thinking of a speedy end to the war and reckons at any rate on the state of tension which has to be estimated to last for years in which the relations of Japan with Russia and the USA are naturally most important.?Ç¥ Again on page 6279 it is stated ?Ç£The Ambassador reminded of the fact that the Reich Foreign Minister on th e occasion of the visit of Minister SATO had pictured the German-Japanese friend-ship and cooperation as being very important. Again at (R 6280) it is stated ?Ç£The Ambassador would certainly be grateful if he could obtain a hint in the near future ?Çô either through the Reich Foreign Minister personally or through me ?Çô as to which advice he should give his Government. He is clear about the fact that this advice must fully lie within the frame-work of the German-Japanese policy of friendship.?Ç¥ Exhibit 543 (R 6282) is dated August 2, 1940, shortly after MATSUOKA became Foreign Minister. On page 6282 it is stated ?Ç£In addition to the memorandum concerning my talk yesterday with the Japanese Ambassador, I would like to add the following: KURUSU?ÇÖs words expressed the hope that Japan may belong to the New Order after the war and that Japan not be forgotten in the new apportionment of the world.?Ç¥ Exhibit 544 (R 6277) reading page 6284, 6285, it is stated ?Ç£KURUSU named Japan, Manchukuo and China as the core of the Great East Asia Sphere for which he used the term ?Ç£East Asia Axis?Ç¥. . . . . . he was not quite clear on the ways and means of enlarging upon this friendship and now would be the time to learn the German conception of these Japanese plans for the East Asia Sphere.?Ç¥ Also at page 6285 it is stated ?Ç£At the end KURUSU expressed the hope to be able to discuss these farreaching problems soon with the Reich Foreign Minister. Exhibit 545 (R 6277) at page 6285, is an outline of the conversations between Foreign Minister MATSUOKA and German Ambassador Ott. At page 6286, MATSUOKA said ?Ç£But I think that Feuhrer Hitler and Foreign Minister of the Reich must know the fact as well as your Excellency knows it, that I am one of the proposers and originators of the Japanese-German Anti-Comintern Pact.?Ç¥ Again on page 6286 MATSUOKA said ?Ç£As you may find out easily, both the government and the people have inclined to strengthen the power of the Axis but it is not decided yet with the Cabinet Council.?Ç¥ -3-