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Parent Doc. 9305 - Questionnaire
Date June 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
A. I do not remember how many times KAJITSUKA, Ryuji made visits to the ISHII Unit. But I am certain that he visited it. Q. Can you tell me to what extent KAJITSUKA, Ryuji was interested in the research of the preparation for bacterial warfare of the unit? A. I do not know to what extent KAJITSUKA, Ryuji was interested in the researches by this unit. But he should have known of the work the unit was doing. Q. Is this your conjecture, or can you actually prove it? A. It is impossible to prove the fact whether he was interested in the preparation for bacterial warfare or he was aware of the work being done, but, as he was the Chief Medical Officer, he ought to have been aware of it. We have never received instruction from him about the preparation of bacterial warfare. Q. Was KAJITSUKA connected with the other duties of the unit, especially, on plan for the prevention of epidemics and the water supply of the Kwan-tung Army? A. Regarding other duties in the unit, such as the manufacturing of vaccine and other preventative measures, we were given instructions by KAJITSUKA under his authority as the Chief Medical Officer of the Kwan-tung Army, and, for instance, in case of an outbreak of a contagion somewhere, we were notified by him. Q. Who else had direct control over the ISHII Unit as an organ of the Kwan-tung Army Headquarters besides the commanding officer? A. The Chief of the First Section of the Kwan-tung Army (Col. TAMURA) had something to do with the ISHII Unit. It was because he visited the ISHII Unit in the autumn or winter of 1941. Q. Did the ISHII Unit receive any instruction from Tokyo or the Headquarters of the Kwan-tung Army, concerning the basic problems? A. I do not know anything certain about it. Q. How often did the representatives of the Army General Staff visit the ISHII Unit? -3-