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Parent OSHIMA's Affidavit November 19, 1947
Date 26 November 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 6
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from November 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Memorandum to Mr. Tavenner - OSHIMA's Affidavit continued: that OSHIMA should ponder for 24 hours on the question of how to get around instructions from his government which are not beneficial for both countries. OSHIMA, who did not present his protest, was worried because his instructions from Tokyo were unequivocal. d) Exhibit 546 is WEISZAEKER's memorandum about his conference with OSHIMA on 18 September 1939, to which OSHIMA presented the protest. OSHIMA stated that he had postponed its presentation until the end of the Polish campaign. He had previously telegraphed to his government that he had followed his orders. In talking to RIBBENTROP he had added that this paper could disappear in the documents of the German Foreign office according to the judgment of that office. 5)Page 43: OSHIMA's official position after the outbreak of the war. IPS Document 4075, Item 9 (Paragraph 7B of my memorandum of 13 November 1947) and IPS Document 4096 (Item 2 of my memorandum of 13 November 1947) deals with the increased scope of OSHIMA's authority in connection with the conduct of the war. 6)Page 43: The Japanese-German Economic Agreement; OSHIMA's participation in the drafting of an economic agreement is shown in IPS Documents 1230 and 1373 (Items 1 and 3 of my memorandum of 3 November 1947). 7)Page 45: (Top) Submarine question: OSHIMA refers ob¬viously to his conference with HITLER on the 3 January 1942 (IPS Document 4096). According to the memorandum about this conference he "<insert>sincerely</insert> concurred in the statement of the FEUHRER and said that the Japanese too are forced to follow these methods" (item 2 of my memo¬randum of 13 November 1947). -3-