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Parent Collaboration Between Japan, Germany and Italy - Volume II
Date 25 November 1941
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 2
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
(7) The Anti-Comintern Pact and Secret Agreement, in fact, were directed at the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and all democratic nations® They were designed and intended to strengthen the hand of Japan in China, to create the impression in all countries that the signatories constituted a united front, and to afford an excuse for continued military aggression. Proof (a)Document 1105 A, B, & C, (Exhibit No. ): the two countries. (Article III) “REPORT OF THE INVESTIGATION CONCERNING THE CONCLUSION OF THE JAPANESE-GERMAN PACT *** “The present Japanese-German pact comprises two pacts; Pact against the Communist Internationale and the Secret Attached Pact against the Soviet Union, each of which pacts contains a protocol. The gist of the two pacts is as follows: “I. Pact against the Communist Internationale. The said pact has as its object cooperation for defence against the destructive communistic activities of the Communist Internationale (so-called Comintern). The signatory powers agree to exchange information on the activiites of the Comintern, consult with each other in adopting necessary defensive measures and achieve these defensive measures through close cooperation. (Article I) The signatories further agree to take defensive measures, in accordance with the purport of the said pact, against third countires whose internal peace is threatened by the comintern’s destructive activities, or invite such countries to join the said pact (Article II). The official text of this pact shall be writte in both Japanese and German, the pact shall become effective in both Japanese and German, the pact shall become effective as from the date of signing by the plenipotentiaries of the two countries, and remain valid for five years, and the signatories shall reach an understanding at a suitable time before the expiration of the period as to the means of subsequent cooperation between