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Parent Trial of Remaining Major War Criminals
Date 23 September 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
II. Who are the Major War Criminals with International Status 1. From varied sources, including the lists of war criminals furnished by the United Nations War Crimes Commission, our Section, after painstaking investigations, prepared as early as 17 January 1946, a master list containing 80 names of what we considered as major 1-A criminals suspected of having committed crimes with International aspect. Copy of the master list is hereto attached as Appendix A. 2. The master list has since then suffered amendments, in that new names have been included, some excluded, others released either due to illness or lack of evidence, or sent out to testify in some pending cases, and others have died. The Investigative Division has prepared a revised master list brought up to date which is hereto attached as Appendix B. III. Recommendations. In the event it should definitely be determined that it is the duty and responsibility of the International Prosecution Section as a continuing body ?Ç£to prepare for trial and prosecute all cases?Ç¥ involving crimes with International aspect and to follow through that duty, it is recommended 1. That the revised master list, Appendix B, be circulated to Legal Section, CIG, the Associate Prosecutors, and the key men of the American staff of IPS, seeking their opinion of those names they believe should be excluded or included and for what reason; 2. That the Court and IPS personnel be permitted, as inducement for them to stay on their present assignments, to bring in their dependents; 3. That there be assigned immediately such attorneys available to start preparing the evidence and the indictment against the remaining major war criminals; 4. That necessary personnel in the Investigative Division be assigned to assist these attorneys in that task; and 5. That the indictments against the rest of the major war criminals be filed with the Tribunal as soon as possible, and that those confined and indicted be permitted to solicit from the Tribunal to file sufficient bond for their temporary release, subject to such conditions as the Tribunal may find necessary to impose. Pedro Lopez, Associate Prosecutor for the Philippines Att.: Appendix A ?Ç£ B