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Parent Collaboration Between Japan, Germany and Italy - Volume II
Date 25 November 1941
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 2
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
and I request of you to regulate your statements correspondingly and to advise the Japanese emphatically to apply moderation. (signed) Weizsaecker" "Berlin, 28 July 1937 "The Japanese Ambassador visited me today in order to hand me the attached report about the situation which by the way and as far as I know has already appeared in press reports. "The Ambassador then inquired about our conversa¬tions with London and Washington regarding the East Asiatic conflict. I outlined to the Ambassador once more our attitude in general terms. MUSHAKOJI was satisfied with this. However, later he continued /to state/ that Japan misses complete German understanding for the anti-Communist achievement which the Japanese action against China constitutes. He tried stubbornly to prove that Japan is doing anti-Communist work in China also for our benefit. I replied to him in accordance with the tenor of the wire to Tokyo of today's date. When MUSHAKOJI described the lack of understanding for the anti-Communist feats of his government which he encounters in Germany as a danger for the continued true existence of the German-Japanese agreement of autumn 1936, I told him he should not exaggerate. The German-Japanese relationship of amity is quite beyond