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Parent Examination of Documents Results November 3, 1947
Date 28 November 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 6
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from November 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Memo For: Mr. F.S. Tavenner From : Lt. K. Steiner (1)Germany is in agreement with the Japanese plan of an advance into the Indian Ocean to establish a connec¬tion with the Axis. (2)Germany finds it necessary to establish such a con¬nection also across the Caucasus which can only be done by force of arms. She would welcome a Japanese attack on Russia if feasible. (3)If Japan occupies Madagascar in the course of her drive into the Indian Ocean, she should recognize that that island belongs in the German sphere of interest. (4) Ribbentrop suggests a Magna Carter for the future policy of the Tripartite powers and envisions the creation of new states unable to threaten the Tripartite powers in the territory which now belongs to the USSR. Ribbentrop and OSHIMA agree that Wennecker should con¬tinue his talks with Japanese Navy while Ott should discuss the matter with TOGO. Ribbentrop then issues instructions for these talks specifying in detail which points should not be mentioned to the Japanese Navy and which points should be omitted in conversations with TOGO. It is apparent that only OSHIMA was completely informed about the German position. e. Item 15; a memorandum from Weizsacker to Ribbentrop dated 21 April 1942 is not in evidence. OSHIMA declared to Weizsacker that it seemed to him a matter of course that Japan should attack Russia in the east and promises his endeavors to end the unnatural situation of Japan living in neighborly friendship with the greatest enemy of her ally. A report on IPS Documents 1383 and 1592 which are in Japanese will be forthcoming in a separate memorandum. K. STEINER 1st Lt, Inf