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Parent Doc. 9305 - Questionnaire
Date June 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Q. You have testified that the Kwan-tung Army’s Special Maneuvers had not been influenced by the preparation measures for bacterial warfare. But what were the instructions given to the ISHII Unit concerning increase of vaccine production and dispatch of men for service in the Army and the Division? A. The instructions cannot be regarded as the preparation for bacterial warfare; these units having been organized for the purpose of prevention of epidemics and precaution against diseases, were mere Water Supply and Purification Units; they had no equipments whatever for bacterial warfare. Q. But was it not that those who were dispatched from the ISHII Unit to newly organized units had knowledge of implements for bacterial warfare and could discharge, if necessary, the duty of the ISHII Unit? And was it not that for the above reason the ISHII Unit had in mind not only water supply and purification but also some other purpose when dispatching those men? A. Of course, some of those who were dispatched from the ISHII Unit to newly organized Water Supply and Purification Units knew the preparation measures for bacterial warfare. If such an order came, they could use them. But, among the dispatched, there were also some who knew nothing about this matter. KAWASHIMA, Kiyoshi Major General, A.M.C. Examiner: NIKITIN, Captain Interpreter: PRIACHENKO OGORODENIKOV Stenographer: TIMOFEEVA (This translation is correct but it has not been approved for reproduction without further checking.) -5-