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Parent Educational System in Japan
Date 13 March 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 4
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from March 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
FSTavenner 13 Mar #5 Also, their term of military service was longer. (Witness Ouohi, Record p 942). Students who graduated from schools had to pass a separate graduation as regards their military training. Those who did not pass had to do longer military service and could not become officers. (Defense document 691. Exhibit 132). With the outbreak of the Manchurian Incident the influence of officers attached to schools became more dominant until in 1937 schools and even universities were under complete domination of the military. (See above). 4 Military training consisted of physical drill, field exercises, handling weapons, including machine guns, and maneuvers. (Witness Nugent, Record p 823). The legal requirement for military teaching in schools was from l-l/2 to 3 hours weekly. However, in practice physical exercises plus military exercises or military training took a great deal more time. (Witness Nugent, record p 862). In addition, special days were devoted to maneuvers and field exercises. (Defense document 691, p 14). Ho decision was reached by the above mentioned educational council as to the intensification of military training after 1937. (Witness Kaigo, record p 891). However, as by this time all schools were under complete domination of the military and the hours to bo devoted to military training were left to the discretion of the schools as long as the minimum requirements were fulfilled it may be taken that in practice much more time was spent in military training than the legal requirements of the government. In 1939 direct military training and military drill became compulsory even in universities. (Witness Kaigo, Record p 889. Witness Ouchi, p 986). Although the direct military training and the lectures by army officers in schools must have been of importance in the educational program, it is clear that the principal result of the stationing of army officers in schools since 1925 has been the complete domination of these schools by the military and the fact that in practice the army officers could direct the principals of the schools to teach in conformity with the ideas of the army.