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Parent Collaboration between Japan, Germany and Italy Vol. VII
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 7
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
did not do so, and the latter was very glad I hadn't. "I gave MUSSOLINI a copy of GAMBARA's letter, from which, however, I had removed the anti-KGMMEL points. The Duce is so proud of having given the command to the Germans that he would have been furious with GAMBARA. All the more as CAVALLERO is working toward this end; he has no love for GAMBARA. Their characters differ; one is a soldier, the other a scheming politician. "I write a few lines in answer to GAMBARA1s letter - lines of friendship and good wishes. But the situation is not improving in Libya, and I am afraid that we are facing bitter days. "December 7. 1941 "Bad news from Libya. Our forces are no longer able to attempt a prolonged resistance; it will be necessary to break off contact with the enemy and break it off decisively in order to attempt a defense of the Djibel. MUSSOLINI is calm and even talks of the possibility of rallying. CAVALLERO, on the other hand, is gloomy, and he regards everything as dependent on French concession of the harbor of Bizerte. He thinks I should discuss this with DARLAN on Wednesday. However, in the evening KACKENSEN comes to tell me in RIBBENTROP's name that I must not start any definite negotiations with the French on this subject. This is Hitler's exact wish of which MUSSOLINI had already