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Parent Collaboration Between Japan, Germany and Italy - Volume II
Date 25 November 1941
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 2
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
on the part of the Chinese Government reveals no intention to sue for peace "by accepting in their entirety the. basic conditions for peace negotiations, which I had previously made known. Therefore ^ the Imperial Government have now decided to abandon, much to their regret, the present negotiations for peace between Japan and China under- taken through the kind endeavors of Your Excellency's Government and to deal with the present affair from an entirely new standpoint. "'Let me tender again to your Excellency an expression of my heartfelt gratitude for the friendly solicitude and efforts of the German Government in connection with the question.f "3*) Finally Foreign Minister asked our consent for fact of publication of our assistance to bring about negotiations. I answered I would request instruction of German Government. HIROTA requested as quick an answer as possible. I request speedy telegraphic in¬structions. "4.) Foreign Minister is informing Italian Ambassador. Copy sent to Hankow. DIRKSEN /Marginal handwritten note on last three sentences of 3) above/ Yes on the Chinese questions." (c ) Document 1273D, (Exhibit No. )t