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Parent Examination of Documents Results November 13, 1947
Date 19 November 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 6
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from November 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Memo to Mr. Tavenner (Cont'd) Page 6 13 November 1947 7. IPS Document No. 4075. A- Item 4 (serial 228, page 3) is a telegram from Ribbentrop to the German Embassy in Tokyo dated 4 January 1942 about a conference with OSHIMA regarding cooperation between the Axis Powers and Japan in the field of propaganda especially directed against India and the Arabian countries in which an increase in this propaganda was contemplated. OSHIMA would report to his Foreign Ministry in this matter and Ribbentrop would await OSHIMA's report about Japan's readiness to follow this course before issuing further instructions to the German Embassy. B- Item 9 is a telegram from Wiehl to Tokyo dated 15 January 1942. (1) OSHIMA informed Ribbentrop on 2 January that he received orders from his Government "to concentrate in his hand the dealing with all questions regarding the general direction of the cooperation in the entire field of the common execution of the war, and to discuss them with the Reich Foreign Minister and, as far as Italy is interested, with the Reich Foreign Minister and the Italian Ambassador here as the case may arise. Only the purely military and purely economic questions of details would be dealt with directly by the military or economic members of the sub-commissions of the Tripartite Pact." He presented a memo according to which, parallel to the discussions about military cooperation, concrete negotiations regarding mutual use of the German and Japanese economic power should be started. A German credit to Japan amounting to one billion yen would be necessary and before this credit could be effected, a credit of fifty million yen should be provided to bridge the gap. (2)Wiehl declared to Ambassador MATSUSHIMA that Germany agrees to the ideas in the memo. The credit of fifty million yen would be ready in the near future and the question of the one billion yen credit is being examined. Details of the use of these credits are discussed. (3)Discussions within this Ministry showed that the German details would not reach the amount of the credit. The request for the credit should, nevertheless, be dealt with affirmatively. The The draft of the credit agreement should be dis¬cussed with MATSUSHIMA. -6-