Page 76

Parent Collaboration Between Japan, Germany and Italy - Volume II
Date 25 November 1941
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 2
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
"A. As I said, it was not in my name; the money came from my office. f,Q. What type of work did you conduct from this place in Falkensee? *A. They were printing up the propaganda at this place. * * * "Q. But you do know that you had a number of White Russians and they printed propaganda leaflets. Now, tell us what they did with them. "A. These leaflets were given to Barnard (?), who by some means or other tried to get them into Russia. * * * WQ. General, do you know anything about a Japanese officer that had worked in Afghanistan. "A. Yes. "Q. He was expelled because of suspicion that he had attempted to overthrow the Afghanistan Government, wasn't he? "A. I believe the Japanese officer became friendly with an Afghanistan 'garrison commander' and suggested to him that they carry on Anti-Russian activities. This man evidently passed on this word to the Afghanistan Government and suggested that they get rid of the Japanese officer before they were suspected of doing such things. "Q. That man was working under your direction or out of your office in Berlin, was he not?