Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records, Box 2, Folder 1

General Reports and Memoranda from April 1946

Factual Account of July 7th Incident
Matters to be Included in Indictment According to Views of Chinese, French, Dutch and Philippine Associate Prosecuters
Request for Executive Committee Meeting
Fixing Responsibility for Indictment
Authenticated Lists of Japanese Personnel
Interrogation Report of Lt. General KAJITSUKA, Ryuji
News Articles on Nuremberg
Summaries of Interrogations
Interrogation of KAWABE, Torashiro
Cross-Examination of Witnesses
Interrogation of Heinrich Stahmer, 26 April 1946
Selection of Documentary Evidence
Indictment and Executive Committee
Minutes of Third Meeting of the Evidence and Defendants Committee
Statement of General HATA Hikosaburo
Interrogation of Heinrich Stahmer, 7 May 1946
Briefing of Interrogations
Objections to Proposed Indictment
Assignment of Eugene D. Williams
Tavenner Meeting with Japanese Press
Assignment of Eugene D. Williams
Report from China on German-Japanese Collaboration in China--Stahmer
Minutes of Fifteenth Meeting of Executive Committee
Briefing and Reassignment of Personnel, Corrected Copy
Memorandum Concerning Stahmer as Defendant or Witness
Indictment and Exectuive Committee
Advice for Opening Statement on Manchurian Phase
Chinese, French and Dutch Suggestions
Briefing and Reassignment of Personnel
Notes on Admiral KOJIMA
Summary of Interrogation of ISHIWATA, Sotaro
Interrogation of Heinrich Stahmer, 29 April 1946
Assignment of Arthur Comyns Carr
Summary of Interrogation of Admiral OKADA, Keisuko
Agenda for Evidence and Defendants Committee Meeting
Proposed Charter amendment authorizing individuals other than Chief of Counsel to appear before Tribunals
IPS Motor Transportation Plan
Request for Briefing of Interrogations of HORIKIRI, OTT and HATTA
Dr. P. Z. King Statement and Accompanying Documents on Plague in China
Minutes of Thirteenth Meeting of Executive Committee
Selection of Defendants
Translation of Marburg Papers at Washington
Documents to be Processed
Ribbentrop Thoughts on Russia, Germany and Japan
Minutes of a Meeting of the Witnesses and Documents Sub-Committee held on April 29th 1946
Extract from Interrogation of SUMA, Yakichiro
Factual Accounts of 'LUKOUCHIAO' Phase
Schnell Statement on Activities of Major General Eugen OTT
Interrogation of Heinrich Stahmer, 30 April 1946
Notes on GODO
Conference with Mr. Eugene Williams
Request for Briefing of Interrogations of OSHIMA and MATSUI
Minutes of Fourteenth Meeting of Executive Committee
Minutes of First Meeting of the Documents and Witnesses Sub-Committee
Class E, D, N, & B Allotments
Synopsis of Lytton Report (With Particular Regard to the Needs of Section A)
Summary of Interrogation of Baron WAKATSUKI, Reijiro
General Order No. 20 - Charter of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East
Motion to Transmit Statement