Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records, Box 3, Folder 7

General Reports and Memoranda from December 1946

News Clipping Jap Who Slapped Tojo Cured - Will Face Trial Again
Translation Deadlines
Mr. Tavenner's Investment situation
Proposed Group Conference on International Criminal Law
Counsel for UMEZU
To the International Military Tribunal for the Far East - Trying Major Japanese War Criminals
Dr. OKAWA in Insane Asylum
Status of Court Reporters in Trial
Circulation of Information
List of Documents - Class B Offences - Colonel Woolworth
Trial Strategy
List of Documents - Class B Offences - Capt Robinson
Bacteriological Warfare
Beikoku ni Tsukaishite (My Mission to the United States) recent book by Kichisaburo NOMURA - published by Iwanami Shoten - July 1946
Outgoing Message - Prosecution's Strategy at Nuremberg
Processing of Defense Documents in IPS
List of Documents - Class B Offences - Colonel Woolworth
Application for Leave to present the French Case in Respect of Class B and C Offenses in the French Language
Plans for Upcoming Trial
Substitute Pages for Class B Offences documents list - Capt. Robinson
Document re: Class B Offenses - Documents to be Presented - Captain Robinson
Mr. Tavenner's concern regarding loss of retirement benefits
Update of trial situation
Vacancy of Counsel Position for a Railway Company
Decisions taken December 22nd 1946
Organization of Investigative Work Relative to Witnesses Subpoenaed by the Accused
Application of the Prosecution for Medical Examination and Report Concerning the Accused Okawa, Shumei
List of IPS divisions
Addition of Legal Personnel
Telecon re: Unavailability of Documents from Nuremburg Trials
Change of Order of Presentation
Class B Offences - French Division List
Outgoing Message - Evidence against Tojo
Shigemitsu's Statement
Order of Presentation Contemplated in Economic Aggression Phase
Preparation for case concerning offenses committed in French Indo-China
Outgoing Message - Procedure at Nuremberg upon conclusion of the Prosecution's evidence
Individual Defendants - OKAWA
Class B Offenses - Documents to be Presented - Robinson List