Analysis of Documents

Doc. No. 1067 - Analysis of Documentary Evidence

Analysis of Collection of unbound leaves of Privy Council record. Minutes of the Privy Council. Persons implicated: TOJO, Hideki; TOGO, Shigenori; TERASHIMA, Ken; MATSUOKA, Yosuke; SHIMADA, Shigetaro; IWAMURA, Michiyo; KISHI, Shiesuke; KOIZUMI, Chikahaiko; HASHIDA, Kunihiko; et infra. Crimes to which document applicable: "Extension of Anti-Comintern Pact."
1946CE Mar 28th

Def. Doc. No. 550-C - Shipping Industry of Japan

Japanese Trade Studies document on the Shipping Industry of Japan prepared July 1945 for the Foreign Economic Administration by J. D. Travis, a member of the staff of the United States Tariff Commission. Contains tables, charts and tabulations pertaining to the "history of the development of Japanese shipping since 1885." Describes Japan's world position regarding the shipping industry and "gives the effect on world trade and on Japanese economy of Japan's elimination from post war shipping." Note at the end of the introductory memorandum states "the comments made on Defense Doc. No. 500 A-1--37 and No. 500 E are equally applicable here."
1945CE Jul


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