Camp Conditions / Forced Labor

Boyington Tells What 'Special Prisoners' Got News Article

Reports on the testimony given by Lt. Col. Gregory Boyington who explained the difference between a "special prisoner" and a regular prisoner of war. He stated that "the prisoners were often confined in local jails; they were not allowed medical care; they could not take shelter during air raids; the United States Government was not notified of their capture; they received half the regular prisoner-of-war food ration, and they were not supposed to speak to regular prisoners." Boyington related how he and his cell mate, Major Donald Winser Boyle, discussed "install[ing] soda fountains in every room when they came home."

IPS Doc. No. 2466, Exhibit No. 309

"Diary Notes Written by Mr. J. H. McCallum, Japanese Occupation of Nanking, December 1937 - January 1936." Handwritten notation states "DNS, Use This." Describes, rapes, murders, and riots that occurred during the Nanking Massacre and subsequent Japanese occupation.
1946CE Jun 27th
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