The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

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Japanese-Chinese Relations

Nippon times, August 29, 1946

Pages 1 through 4 in full of the Nippon Times newspaper. Articles relevant to the trial are "Pu Yi Abducted for Facilitating Aggression Move: Doihara Carried Out Plot in Face of Gaimusho Protest, Cable Reveals" and "8 Japanese Sentenced on Narcotic Charges: Opium Smuggled from Korea Seized by Allied, Nippon Authorities." The latter article refers to a local Japanese court, not the tribunal.
1946CE Aug 29th

Statement by Colonel Kiang Chen Ying on Japanese Aggression, Narcotization and Atrocities in China

IPS Document 1708, Exhibit 345. Discusses the experiences of Cheng-Ting KIANG, Judge, Military Court, General Headquarters, the Eleventh War Zone of China, from Marco Polo Bridge Incident on July 7th, 1937 onward.
1946CE Mar 23rd

Decision Reached Following the Imperial Conference of July 2, 1941 (Tentative Translation)

Tentative Translation of decision reached by the Japanese at the Imperial Conference o fJuly 2, 1941. Outlines Japan's national policy in relation to French Indo-China, control of the Greater East Asia sphere, settlement of the China Affair, and actions in light of possible war with the United States and Great Britain as well as entry into the German-Soviet War. Frames decisions around "the sake of self-existence and self-preservation."

Suganuma Eiji on TOJO

Appears to be a handwritten copy of a letter from Suganuma Eiji (farmer) to Joseph B. Keenan regarding the Tokyo Trial, Hidecki TOJO, and letters sent to TOJO, Prince Konoe and others regarding actions towards China and peace. Eiji requests that the status of his letters to various ministers and TOJO be ascertained by asking TOJO and other defendants what they thought of his suggestions. Eiji couches his discussion in Buddhist terms and asks that a number of quotes and sentiments be passed along to Hidecki TOJO.
1948CE Feb 23rd


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