The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

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Japanese-Chinese Relations

Doc. No. 108 Supp. - Analysis of Documentary Evidence

Analysis of Extracts "10 Years in Japan," Grew. Persons implicated: MATSUOKA; KONOYE; KITA; ARITA; Gen. NASHIHARA; NOMURA; TOGO; KIDO; MATSUDAIRA. Crimes to which document applicable: Aggression - China; relations with U. S., G. B., and U. S. S. R; relations with Germany.
1946CE May 31st

IPS Doc. No. 2466, Exhibit No. 309

"Diary Notes Written by Mr. J. H. McCallum, Japanese Occupation of Nanking, December 1937 - January 1936." Handwritten notation states "DNS, Use This." Describes, rapes, murders, and riots that occurred during the Nanking Massacre and subsequent Japanese occupation.
1946CE Jun 27th

Report by Matsui Admits His Troops Behaved Wrongly News Article

Reports on a prosecution report submitted to the IMTFE that included statements by Iwane Matsui declaring "the conduct and behavior of the Japanese troops who invaded Nanking in December, 1937" as "bad." Also reports on the submission of an interrogation report by Shuroku Hata regarding the "China Incident." In it, he stated that "he did not realize the aggression constituted a violation of the Nine Power Treaty of which Japan was a party." Both reports by Matsui and Hata were entered over objections from the defense counsel. Other topics discussed include the report by Col. Kingoro Hashimoto regarding the USS Panay and the chronological progress of Japanese military aggression in China (including the Marco Polo Incident).

Prosecutors Heading for China to Study Jap Acts News Article

Reports on Keenan's upcoming trip to China in order to gather evidence for the China Phase of the prosecution's case. He will be accompanied by Colonel Thomas Morrow, Hsiang Che-Chun, and Henry Chiu. Also, they will stop in Shanghai to attend the trial of Japanese charged with executing three Doolittle flyers. Also gives updates from Keenan regarding the return of General Itagaki to Japan for trial as a result of his part in the rape of Nanking and trial progress in general.

Defense Attempts to Show Minami as War Avoider News Article

Reports on the defense counsel strategy of William McCormack to try to prove that Minami "tried to restrain rather than support aggressive action against Manchuria" through his interrogation of Morito Morishima. Goes into great detail of Morishima's testimony, including the tangents he wandered into during his responses. Following McCormack's questioning, the article describes Capt. Samuel Kleiman's (counsel for Kiichiro Hiranuma) attempt "to prove that by granting Manchuokuo official recognition, the Japanese government tied to eradicate military control over the territory." Other topics explored during the day's events at the trial include the Kellogg Briand Pact, the Manchurian plot (and Doihara's involvement), the diplomatic ties between Japan and China, and the Mukden incident. Defense counsel mentioned include Major Ben Bruce Blakeney, Capt. Alfred Brooks, and Kinjiro Ohta.


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