The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

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Evidence in Jap Trials Assailed by Chicagoan News Article

Reports on the commentary offered by Lt. Robert J. Collins, defense attorney representing Major Yaichi Rikitake at the Yokohama war crimes trials. Rikitake was charged with "the death of 150 allied prisoners." Collins maintained that hearsay evidence admitted through affidavit would never have been allowed in the American court system, but was being allowed at the war crimes trial. Other news items reported on include the sentencing of Isamu Ishihara for torturing American prisoners while serving as an interpreter at Shanghai prisoner camps and the execution of thirteen Japanese convicted of war crimes in Canberra, Australia.

Ex-Nippon Army Man Sentenced by Court News Article

Reports that Lt. Col. Tashiro Kamino was sentenced by a Tokyo provost court to a "year's imprisonment and a fine of ¥5,000 for withholding information, making false statements, and destroying evidence about air crashed and war crimes." Gives details about the charges brought against Kamino. Also reports on the charging of two former prison camp guards "with the brutal beatings of 25 known American prisoners of war." Their trial was to be held in Yokohama. Other charges were brought against Hideji Nakamura, Lt. Col. Royichi Tozuka, Tokizo Makita and Hisaki Itai. Article gives specific details about their supposed actions and committed atrocities (that predominantly took place in the Philippines arena).

Atrocities Convict Total of 108 Japs News Article

Article from the Pacific Stars and Stripes that reports on the sentencing of 54 Japanese to death and the sentencing of another 54 to various terms of imprisonment by the Manila trial. Describes the atrocities for which the defendants were convicted of committing. Also reports that "atrocity investigations under Col. Alva C. Carpenter, who fills a dual position as chief both of the Manila and Tokyo legal section offices, have been conducted in every Philippine Island, Borneo, and Celebes" and that more trials are expected. Gives figures for those killed and details on "one of the worst atrocity incidents on record" that "took place at the Puerto Princessa Camp on Palawan."
1946CE Jul 31st

Yamashita Says 'Not Guilty' at Manila Hearing News Article

Reports on the plea of "not guilty" entered by Lt. Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita before an American military commission of five generals in Manila, Philippine Islands. The prosecution quickly declared that they would seek "the death penalty for the man whose nickname is 'Tiger of Malaya.'" The article describes Yamashita's dress and the use of American translators during the proceedings. Col. Harry E. Clarke served as his court appointed counsel. The article closes with the atrocities Yamashita was charged with committing.


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