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Jap Defenses Note

Handwritten note counting the Japanese Defenses regarding the charges related to opium. They include: "1. Narcotic ravages existed in China for ages. 2. China largest opium producers in world. 3. 3,500,000 opium addicts in China. 4. Chinese had an opium monopoly. 5. After occupation, opium control in hands of Chinese authorities. 6. All this is nothing but anti-Jap propaganda."

Discord Prevalent on China Incident, Defendant Reveals News Article

Reports on Kenryo Sato's thoughts regarding Japan's policy towards the China Incident. Sato served as the Press Section Chief of the War Ministry. In a series of speeches entered into evidence, the Tribunal heard about the disorganized policy and the "disagreement among the governmental ministries." In addition, other excerpts told of "a number of efforts to bring about peace including an attempt at mediation by the German Ambassador in Tokyo, as well as peace feelers by Chiang Kai-shek." Also describes Hachiro Arita's role regarding China and that the prosecution's submission of evidence "created such a wrangle that the court proceedings were reduced to a snail's pace."

Jap Abuser of Illinois Yank Gets 50 Years News Article

Reports on the 50-year sentenced given to Lt. Miyoroku Okada ("former Nagoya prisoner of war camp commandant") by the Eighth Army commission in Yokohama. Lists the charges against him. Also states that Lt. Takeharu Hirata (former Fukuoka camp commander) will go on trial on Wednesday and that Lt. James A. Miner "was named to prosecute three Japanese officers who will be tried at Manila for war crimes in the Philippines).


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