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Homma Trial Finished; Verdict Due Monday News Article

Reports on the conclusion of Lt. Gen. Masaharu Homma's trial in Manila, including the statements made by chief prosecutor Col. Frank Meek. Describes Homma's tears as he listened to the the closing arguments (including those given by his defense counsel, Maj. John Skeen). Includes details on the defense's summation.

Prison Chief to be Tried by 8th Army News Article

Reports on the upcoming trial of Capt. Yuhichi Sakachi Sakamoto (a Japanese prison commandant) in front of the Eighth Army military commission in Yokohama. He was charged with ordering prisoner's of war to celebrate President Roosevelt's death. Col. Oliver E. Trechter was scheduled to serve as the judge. Another news wire piece reports on the progress of Capt. Isao Fukuhara's trial.

Japanese to be Tried for Abusing 13 Yanks News Article

Reports on the trial of Tomio Yamada who was accused of "abusing at least 13 American prisoners of war and contributing to the death of two" while he was a guard at an Osaka area camp. Indicates that one of the abused men was Seaman 1st class Edwin H. Jahn and that Lt. Paul von Bergen of Wyandotte, Michigan will help prosecute.

Tojo, 26 Other Top Japs, Deny War Crimes Charges News Article

Reports on the "not guilty" pleas offered by the 26 accused Japanese war criminals to the IMTFE although the pleas remain pending after Chief Defense Counsel Ishiro Kiyose presented a petition to the judges challenging the jurisdiction of the tribunal. Also reports on the attempt made by Sadao Araki to make a speech while entering his plea.

Tojo Secures Tokyo Lawyer For Defense News Article

Reports that "Dr. Ichiro Kiyose, along with Matasaku Shoibara, will defend former Premier Hideki Tojo at the international trial of Japanese war criminals scheduled for some time in April." Gives a brief biographical background of Kiyose as well as statements he made in the past indicating that he "opposed dicatatorship of militarists." Kiyose provided his reasoning behind defending Tojo by informing the public that "he had undertaken to defend the head of the Pearl Harbor cabinet in order to clarify his responsibility and to protect he human rights of the accused."
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