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'Buried Alive' May Have Been Soldier's Fate News Article

Reports on the trial of Lieut. Miyoroku Okada in Yokohama for his actions as commandant of the Nagoya prisoner of war camp. Includes information from the affidavits of 23 fellow prisoners who described the beating and subsequent burial of Aviation Ordnanceman Doyle W. Waggoner of Shreveport, Louisiana. Another news wire items report on the not guilty pleas offered by Nobuo Kanayama, Tsuyoshi Sadai and Kiyoichi Mori at the Eighth Army commission Yokohama trial, the charges against Tsutomu Shiba (former captain and medical officer in the Japanese army) in Tokyo, and the release of thirteen Japanese accused war criminals from Sugamo prison after they were acquitted of "charges of maltreating Allied war prisoners."

Testifies He Aided Jap Puppet Because He Was Well Paid News Article

Reports that Lawrence Kentwell, a former British subject being tried on allegations of collaboration with the puppet regime of Wan Ching-wei, will be tried as a Chinese citizen for the trial. Recounts his assertion that he was "morally against the regime" but worked with them because it paid him well.

26 Top Japs, Including Tojo, Face Court Friday News Article

Reports that the 26 Japanese defendants at the IMTFE would enter their pleas on Friday and were "expected to plead innocent and to challenge the international tribunal's jurisdiction." Outlines the procedure for travel from Sugamo prison to the War Ministry building for the tribunal, Keenan's planned response to the defense's challenge regarding the validity of the trial, and the general set-up of the courtroom.

Tojo Claims Japan Fought 'War of Self Protection' News Article

Reports on Hideki Tojo's assertion from prison that "Japan fought 'a war of self protection'" and that "he would face the international war crimes tribunal with no remorse." Article gives an overview of the full statement he released from prison through his Japanese attorney, Ichiro Kiyose.

Reduce Charges Against Homma to Speed Trial News Article

Gives updates on the progress of Homma's trial in Manila, including the fact that "11 minor specifications to the 48 charges against" him were stricken which should speed up the trial. The trial will undergo a weeklong recess. Other news wire updates include: information on the testimony of Col. John R. Pugh and Maj. Achilles Tisdelle regarding the death march; the conviction of a Japanese guard by an Australian military court at Labuan; approval for a military commission to try Japanese accused of atrocities against B-29 fliers; and the opening of a trial in Singapore to try Japanese war criminals accused of starving and beating more than 500 Indians during a 34 day sea voyage from Singapore to Palau.
1946CE Jan 22nd


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