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Tojo Reported Admitting War Guilt in Cell News Article

Reports that former Japanese Premier Hideki Tojo has talked with Allied interrogators and admitted his guilt. He has not stated what his plea will be before the tribunal, however. The article outlines the upcoming dates for the trial, tentative structure, and composition of the tribunal.

Two Liberated Prisoners of War Describe Ordeal Under Jap Rule News Article

Two news articles. One "Two Liberated Prisoners of War Describe Ordeal Under Jap Rule: 41-Month Enslavement is Ended for Bureau County Sailor; Japs Brutally Attack B-29 Pilot After Plane is Shot Down" and second "Expect Allies to Indict Tojo Cabinet Today: Procedure in Tokyo to Be Simple."

'No Regret, Grudge . . . 'Versified Matsuoka Harassed by Illness, Worries of Trial News Article

Reports on the death of Yosuke Matsuoka who "died innocent since the Anglo-American law rules that a defendant remains not guilty unless the prosecution proves him to be otherwise" according to Matsuoka's lawyer, Franklin Warren. Matsuoka's name was stricken from the indictment after he died. Describes his death bed scene, gives some biographical background information, and includes the funeral date.

Witnesses Tell Court of Jap School System News Article

Reports on the testimony by five new witnesses against Sadao Araki, former minister of education. The prosecution examined them and introduced affidavits to "show that Imperialism and the necessity of war were taught in Japanese schools." Other topics discussed during the day's proceedings were the translation of "The Way of Subjects." Other witnesses included: Prof. Yukitaki Takikawa, Dr. Nobufumi Ito, Prof. Shigenobu Ikeshima, and Akio Saki. The article concludes with Tojo's agreement with Chief Prosecutor Joseph B. Keenan that Emperor Hirohito should not be tried.


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