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Tokyo Tribunal Sets June 3 as Tojo Trial Date

Reports on the arraignment of Tojo and 26 other war criminals in front of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East and that all accused entered pleas of innocent. The defense had entered motions to dismiss challenging the court's jurisdiction as well as their contention that "under the terms of the Potsdam declaration, war crimes can be charged against persons who violated international law after the outbreak of hostilities, and that the court therefore cannot try high government officials for acts committed prior to the war."

Eugene Williams Added to Keenan's Law Staff News Article

Reports on the addition of Eugene Williams (head of the United States Department of Justice, lands division) as a special prosecutor to the IMTFE. Another news wire piece reports that Japanese Lt. Gen. Takeshi Kono will be tried in Manila "on April 15 on charges that he condoned the beheading and burning of 17 United States citizens on Panay island."

General Fails to Place Blame for 'Incident' News Article

Reports on the testimony of Chinese General Chin Teh-chun, "former Peiping mayor and vice-commander of the Chinese 29th Army," including the fact that he was apparently unable to "substantiate his previous accusation that the defendant, Gen. Kenji Doihara, was instigator of the Mukden incident." Focuses on the cross-examination the defense attorney's gave to Teh-chun. An interesting excerpt includes "Former Premier Hideki Tojo enjoyed the morning session, smiling broadly on hearing the questions of Chinese distinity that were put to the Chinese witness." Also reports that Joseph B. Keenan returned to the IPS after his travel related to the war crimes trial.

Pacific Stars and Stripes - April 30, 1946

Pacific Stars and Stripes, Volume 2, Number 119 from Tuesday, April 30, 1946 (the day after the opening of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East). Lead story includes "28 Jap War Leaders Indicted, Arraignment Will Take Place Friday." Most of the front page news items focus on the tribunal and accused defendants (including all of their pictures). Also reports on the Nuremberg Trials, international relations and domestic news from the United States.
1946CE Apr 30th

Death Sentence Upheld; Raps General's Cruelty News Article

Reports on Gen. Douglas MacArthur's decision to uphold the death sentence of Gen. Tomouki Yamashita. Also reports that "SCAP ordered the immediate arrest to Gen. Sadamu Shimomura" as he is accused of "issuing the final death orders against the three executed Doolittle fliers." Discusses the legal issues surrounding the Yamashita case. Another news item reports on the Homma trial with the headline "Homma admits he ordered 'Death March' : 'Morally responsible for anything that happened,' tells Court."


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