The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

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Precedents (International Law)

Tojo's Defense Challenges Two Allied Charges News Article

Reports on the defense strategy of refuting the charges of fostering aggressive war that have been lodged against the Japanese accused. Discusses how Japanese defense counsel, Ichiro Kiyose, plans to show that the Japanese differed from the Germans and make connections to the Potsdam declaration.

Commentary on the 1931 Convention (Geneva)

Overview and analysis of the 1931 (the Geneva) Convention on narcotics. Includes the "Protocol" presented by the Japanese and agreed to by other nations. Source for some of the interpretation is "'Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences', (Vols. XI-XIII), The MacMillan Co., New York, (1944) pages 471, et seq."

International Documents and Agreements

Contains the full texts of: 1. The Cairo Agreement (1 December 1943), 2. The Potsdam Declaration (20 July 1945), 3. Japanese Qualified Acceptance (10 August 1945), 4. Reply of the United States (Sec'y of ?State) (11 August 1945), 5. Final Japanese Acceptance (14 August 1945), 6. Instrument of Surrender (2 September 1945), (Including Proclamation of Emperor of Japan. Handwritten notation at the bottom of first page also states "Moscow Conference Agreement (26 Dec 45) Including Far Eastern Commission and Allied Council for Japan.

Trial of War Criminals by Military Tribunals

Gives an overview, history, and legal development / precedence for the establishment of international military tribunals to try war criminals. Written by the Vice Chairman, Section of International and Comparative Law, Major Williard B. Cowles, J. A. G. D. Reprinted from the American Bar Association Journal, June, 1944.
1944CE Jun

Tentative Draft - The Apprehension and Punishment of War Criminals

First page states : Tentative Draft. Preliminary Only and Not to be Taken as Representing Dept. of State Policy. Discusses four salient points to the prosecution of war criminals and the establishment war crimes tribunals. These include: "(1) the problem of determining who are war criminals, giving due regard to the conclusions reached by the United Nations War Crimes Commission; (2) the apprehension and treatment of war criminals pending trial; (3) their trail and punishment; (4) the special status of the Emperor."
1945CE Jul 2nd

IMTFE Proceedings (April 29 - June 5, 1946)

Official record / transcript of the IMTFE court proceedings from the opening day (April 29, 1946) until June 5, 1946. The first fourteen pages contain the background of international agreements, the formal establishment proclamation of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (including the policies and powers of the court), the names of all individuals involved in the proceedings, and the charges against the accused Japanese defendants.


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