Precedents (International Law)

Phelps' Miscellaneous Data Folder

Contains multiple memoranda regarding witness testimony before the tribunal, important dates in Japanese history, various Japanese Cabinet's and their structure; and brief summaries of Japanese treaty violations.

Homma Dissent Irks Keenan News Article

Reports that Keenan is upset with Homma's defense counsel position that "a procession of judicial lynchings without due process of law may now follow" in the wake of the U. S. Supreme Courts decision to reject Homma's appeal of his death sentence from the Manila trial. Also reports that Tatsuo Tsuchiya was convicted in the Yokohama trial by the Eighth Army commission for atrocities committed against prisoners.

Responsibility of Head of State, Cabinet Members, Military Commanders and Staff Officers

Full title: "Responsibility of Head of State, Cabinet Members, Military Commanders and Staff Officers for War Crimes Committed by Subordinates; Lawfulness of Guerilla Activities in the Philippines."
1945CE Nov 20th

Documents Obtained from Treasury Department Bureau of Customs

List of documents applicable to geographic areas related to narcotics and Japan's / China's interactions with the trade. Includes specific dates. Areas covered include: Amox, Diaren, Tientsin, Manchukuo, Chahar, Hopei, Shanghai, Honan, Kwantung, Nanking, Hankow, and Shantung. Includes some handwritten additions at the end.


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