IPS Document Processing

List of Prospective Defendants and Document Numbers Referring to Same News Article

A list of possible Japanese defendants with the numbers of documents pertaining to the accused individual. The final entry states "In addition to the above list, the following document numbers refer to Okawa, Shumei, a possible defendant."

Memorandum on Trial Preparation

Detailed memorandum (classified as secret) regarding the proper procedures for procuring evidence for various counts against the defendants. Sections covered include: 1. General, 2. As to the allegation of criminal plan or enterprises, 3. As to the allegation that the defendants launched illegal wars of aggression, 4. As to the allegation that the defendants conducted their illegal wars by means and methods which violated international law, or the laws, rules, and customs of war, or the law of the sea, 5. As to the allegation of atrocities and other crimes before and after the launching of the war of aggression, and during the continuance, in violation of international law or treaties, or the laws of Germany or one or more of its allies, co-belligerents, or satellites, 6. The preparation of findings, 7. Interrogation of defendants and witnesses in overseas theaters.
1945CE May 24th


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