Slaughter of Yanks by Japs on Sub Told News Article

Reports on the atrocity committed by the crew of a Japanese submarine on July 2, 1944 as disclosed by the War Department's War Crimes Branch. Seventy-six U. S. seamen "were slaughtered" according to the report. The article closes with the fact that one of the seaman escaped by posing as a diplomat and that "he has supplied investigators with identity of the submarine and crew. A War Department spokesman said the perpetrators would be brought to trial in Japan soon."

The Military Clique by Ryūkichi Tanaka

敗因を衝く : 軍閥専横の実相 / Haiin o tsuku : Gunbatsu sen'ō no jissō. This is Ryūkichi Tanaka's thoughts on Japan's defeat. Tanaka served in various military positions throughout Japan's aggression in Manchuria and World War II. He served as an important witness during the Tokyo War Crimes Trial. The publication is entirely in Japanese and was published in 1946 (Showa 21) by Sansuisha. The cover page has a dedication to "Mr. Capt. Phelp, 1946, 22, Feb, ā Tokyo" from Tanaka (possibly Ryukichi Tanaka and not another individual). Only the front cover, spine, cover page with signature, and back cover have been digitized and presented on this digital archive due to copyright restrictions.
1946CE Feb 22nd

Def. Doc. No. 2242 Summary (Exhibit 3160)

Defense document number 2242, exhibit number 3160, summary and comment sheet for "Uncertified summary - 'Chart for Use in Conjunction with ARAKI Evidence.'" Summary states "This chart which is referred to in the Opening Statement on behalf of ARAKI illustrates ARAKI's connection (or lack of connection) with incidents in evidence which are in turn related to the nations affected and to the counts in the Indictment. Comment: Objectionable as an evidentiary document in that this chart is no proof of the facts stated or the relationships illustrated. As was the case with similar documents in the past, this may be acceptable for use as a guide without serving as evidence of the facts stated."
1946CE Sep 10th


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