Statement on Bombing of A. R. Afshar Property in Shanghai

Letter from the Persian Minister, H. K. Hedayat, to the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Koki Hirota, regarding the "bombardment of the house and pillage of the property of Mr. A. R. Afshar, a Persian merchant residing in Shanghai. Gives details regarding the incident.
1934CE Feb 22nd

War in Manchuria Act of Aggression, Prosecutor Stays News Article

Reports on assistant prosecutor Walter MacKenzie's attempt to "prove conclusively that Japan did not act in self defense on September 18, 1931, and that China was totally not responsible for the outbreak of the Manchurian Incident" by directly quoting the Lytton Report. Gives details about the day's proceedings at the Tribunal. Topics include: the puppet emperor Pu-Yi, testimony from a former South Manchuria Railway Company employee, the financial state of Manchuokuo (evidence offered by John A. Darsey), objections to the evidence lodged by Capt. Alfred Brooks, construction of the Kirin-Tunghua Railway Extension line, Japanese aviation projects in Manchuria, and notable persons present at the tribunal.

Prosecution Offers Additional Evidence on Manchuria Grab News Article

Reports on the prosecution's introduction of a series of documents into evidence that illustrate the aggressive measures undertaken by Japan and the Kwantung Army in Manchuria. Discusses the propaganda measures undertaken and the planning of Japan preemptively address charges related to violating non-aggression treaties (including the establishment of Manchoukuo). The evidence was proffered by assistant prosecutor John A. Darsey, with a brief interruption by defense counsel William Logan. Reports on detailed events of the day at the tribunal.

Charges Japs Slew Million China Captive News Article

Reports on the opening of the China phase before the IMTFE given by Col. Thomas H. Morrow. William Webb apparently "rebuked" Morrow for phrases in his opening statement that "contained inflammatory statements." Evidence introduced by the prosecution included an affidavit by a Chinese magistrate regarding the Marco Polo incident.

Mr. Phelps' Analysis of Documents by Subjects

List of documents numbers analyzed by C. W. J. Phelps and categorized according to the subject to which they are relevant. Subjects include: Preparations for war; Relations with Germany, Italy, France, and Thailand; Relations with U. S. S. R.; Relations with U. S. A. and British Commonwealth; Relations with Netherlands and Portugal; Class B Offenses; Class C Offenses; Law Relating to Class A; Law Relating to Class B and C; Laws of War Violations other than Prisoners of War and Civilian outrages; Preliminary Trial Briefs; Treaties; Occupied areas.


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