Japan - Political Situation / Government Structure

Envoy in U. S. Warned Jap Before Attack News Article

Reports that "thirteen days before Pearl Harbor, Japan's Ambassador to the United States warned his country it would be blamed and accused of trickery if Japan started war during the course of the peace negotiations which were then in progress." The warning was sent by Ambassador Kichisaburo Nomura.
1946CE Jul 16th

Japan Unprepared for War - Tanaka News Article

Reports on the testimony of Major General Ryusuke Tanaka who asserted that he told Tojo that "while Your Excellency seems to have the feeling of certainty of a Japanese victory, I think it is hopeless." Tanaka also stated that he had asked Shigenori Togo to "start a political movement to oust Tojo" but he did not testify as to the outcome of the request. Other topics discussed during his testimony include the size and effectiveness of the Japanese military.

Report Hirohito May Abdicate News Article

Reports that Hirohito may abdicate his position as Emperor of Japan in light of the possibility of being called as a witness for the IMTFE. According to the government, they feared that having Hirohito appear personally in court "would place him in an extremely awkward position in the eyes of the Japanese public.


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