Yamashita Doomed; President Rejects Plea for Clemency News Article

Reports that President Truman refused to consider Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita's plea for clemency and that he will therefore be executed. Includes the fact that newsmen will be barred from the hanging and that the day and time of the event will be kept secret. Other news items discussed include the increased personnel investigating Japanese war crimes and the charges being brought against Kiyoichi Mori, Tsuyoshi Sakai, and Nubuo Kanayama for their trial before the Eighth Army military commission in Yokohama.

War Criminal Given Five Years in Prison News Article

Reports on the sentencing to five years of hard labor for Yosuchi Kimura, former civilian guard at Omori prisoner of war camp, by the Eighth Army Tribunal at Yokohama. Also announces the upcoming trial of three more accused Japanese. Other news items reported on include the hanging of 9 Japanese in Singapore for wartime atrocities and the charges against Koju Tsuda for the death of Cpl. James L. Scott of the British army.

Former Tribune Writer Tells of Manchuria Plot News Article

Reports on the testimony of J. B. Powell, a former American reporter for the Chicago Tribune, who related to the war crimes court at Tokyo his experiences in Manchuria following the Mukden incident. Indicates that the defense objections to his testimony were so strong that Sir William Webb warned that if Maj. George Furness continued his defense strategy, "we won't allow you to say another word."


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