Dr. Wilson Relates Six Weeks of Orgy After Entry Into Nanking News Article

Goes into great detail on the witness testimony from Dr. Robert O. Wilson, a former Nanking surgeon, regarding the 'Rape of Nanking' and subsequent occupation of the area by the Japanese military. Graphic descriptions of atrocities perpetrated on women as well as the recounting of mass executions that Wilson witnessed.

Rape of Nanking Told by Doctor in Trial of Tojo News Article

Reports on the testimony given by Dr. Robert O. Wilson, surgeon at Nanking's university hospital, regarding the atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers during the "Rape of Nanking." Gives accounts of Japanese soldiers violating Chinese women. Dr. Wilson also told of the increased opium sales after Japanese occupation.

Attack Plans Disclosed at Homma Trial News Article

Reports on the testimony of Col. Yoshio Nakajima who asserted at the Yokohama trial of Gen. Homma that "orders for the invasion of the Philippines were issued Nov. 29, 1941 - 18 days before the attack on Pearl Harbor." He also testified to the timeline of other events leading up to Pearl Harbor. Also recounts the testimony of Lt. Gen. Takeji Wachi, chief of staff for Homma, regarding prisoner treatment.

Colonel, Death March of Bataan Survivor Returns to Tokyo to Testify at War Trials News Article

Reports on the testimony of Col Guy H. Stubbs, "survivor of 41 months as prisoner of war of Japan" who was a part of the Bataan death march in 1942. Gives details on the journey, atrocities committed, and a "court martial" that took place at Camp No. 1 at Cabanutaun where "six Americans who had slipped under a fence and returned with food from Filipinos were 'tried' for a half hour in which not one of the men was permitted to say a word" and then were executed.


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