Human Targets for Jap Shooting Match News Clipping

Photograph of Japanese shooters with caption "The Heart of Bull's-Eye - The British source in Ceylon for this photo says that it shows Japanese soldiers using Indian Sikh prisoners for shooting practice. A bull's-eye was pinned over the heart of each prisoner and if the Sikh was not killed during the practice he was later bayoneted."

Two Liberated Prisoners of War Describe Ordeal Under Jap Rule News Article

Two news articles. One "Two Liberated Prisoners of War Describe Ordeal Under Jap Rule: 41-Month Enslavement is Ended for Bureau County Sailor; Japs Brutally Attack B-29 Pilot After Plane is Shot Down" and second "Expect Allies to Indict Tojo Cabinet Today: Procedure in Tokyo to Be Simple."

IPS Doc. No. 2466, Exhibit No. 309

"Diary Notes Written by Mr. J. H. McCallum, Japanese Occupation of Nanking, December 1937 - January 1936." Handwritten notation states "DNS, Use This." Describes, rapes, murders, and riots that occurred during the Nanking Massacre and subsequent Japanese occupation.
1946CE Jun 27th


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