Press - During the War

First Jap Newscast of Dec. 8 in U. S. Hands News Article

Reports on the playing of "a transcription of the first Japanese newscast of Japan's declaration of war upon the United States and Britain" during the trial. Also reports on the testimony offered by Morio Tatera ("who voiced the first war news to Japan") regarding the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Exhibit Numbers for Articles referencing HASHIMOTO

Lists articles appearing in the news with their corresponding exhibit and record numbers that pertain to HASHIMOTO. Article titles include: "The Second Creation," "How to Rebuild the World," "Declarations of HASHIMOTO, Kingoro," "Speeches to Young Men," "Speeches to Young Men," "The Inevitability of Renovation," "The Road to Reconstruction of the World," and some articles appearing in Taiyo Dai Nippon.
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