Narcotics / Opium

Commentary on the 1931 Convention (Geneva)

Overview and analysis of the 1931 (the Geneva) Convention on narcotics. Includes the "Protocol" presented by the Japanese and agreed to by other nations. Source for some of the interpretation is "'Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences', (Vols. XI-XIII), The MacMillan Co., New York, (1944) pages 471, et seq."

Jap Defenses Note

Handwritten note counting the Japanese Defenses regarding the charges related to opium. They include: "1. Narcotic ravages existed in China for ages. 2. China largest opium producers in world. 3. 3,500,000 opium addicts in China. 4. Chinese had an opium monopoly. 5. After occupation, opium control in hands of Chinese authorities. 6. All this is nothing but anti-Jap propaganda."

Documents Obtained from Treasury Department Bureau of Customs

List of documents applicable to geographic areas related to narcotics and Japan's / China's interactions with the trade. Includes specific dates. Areas covered include: Amox, Diaren, Tientsin, Manchukuo, Chahar, Hopei, Shanghai, Honan, Kwantung, Nanking, Hankow, and Shantung. Includes some handwritten additions at the end.


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