Trial Progress

Nippon Times, August 30, 1946

Pages 1 through 4 in full of the Nippon Times newspaper. Article relevant to the trial is "War Court Hears Further Evidence on Nanking Crimes: City is Described as 'Hell on Earth' in Affidavit of US Missionary." Gives account of presentations given by David N. Sutton, William Logan, George Fitch, Alfred Brooks, Dr. Ichiro Kiyose, George F. Blewett, and eyewitnesses accounts given by J. H. McCallum, Lewis S. C. Smythe, Shui Fang Tsen, Sun Yuen Cheng, Woo King-zai, Hu Tu-sin, Wong Chen-sze, and Wong Pan-sze.
1946CE Aug 30th


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