News Man Who Lost Feet as PW to Testify News Article

Reports that John B. Powell, a newspaperman stationed in Shanghai during Japanese occupation has returned to Tokyo in order to testify to the conditions he witnessed during his time as a prisoner-of-war at the Bridge-House prison camp. He was ultimately repatriated to the United States in 1942 where he spent the following three years in a hospital as a result of the gangrene he contracted while imprisoned.

2 More Convicted for PW Atrocities News Article

Reports on the convictions and sentencing of Yoshio Kameoka (civilian interpreter at the Narumi prisoner-of-war camp near Nagoya) and Lt. Takeharu Hirata (former commandant of Fukuoka Prisoner of War Camp No. 23). Also reports on the admittance of Vice-Admiral Naomasa Sakonji and 21 other suspected Japanese war criminals to Sugamo prison. Lists the atrocities the individuals were charged with committing.

Slaughter of Yanks by Japs on Sub Told News Article

Reports on the atrocity committed by the crew of a Japanese submarine on July 2, 1944 as disclosed by the War Department's War Crimes Branch. Seventy-six U. S. seamen "were slaughtered" according to the report. The article closes with the fact that one of the seaman escaped by posing as a diplomat and that "he has supplied investigators with identity of the submarine and crew. A War Department spokesman said the perpetrators would be brought to trial in Japan soon."

Ex-PW Camp Guard Gets Five Year Term News Article

Reports on the sentencing of Yasushi Kimura, "former civilian guard at Omori PW camp," by the Eighth Army Headquarters in Yokohama for atrocities committed against prisoners of war. Also reports that Lt. General Robert L. Eichelberger, "Commanding General of the Eighth Army" approved the sentences of Tyunosuke Kimura, Buichi Omori, Yoshinari Minemoto, and Tokuichi Ichiba.

Statement on Bombing of A. R. Afshar Property in Shanghai

Letter from the Persian Minister, H. K. Hedayat, to the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Koki Hirota, regarding the "bombardment of the house and pillage of the property of Mr. A. R. Afshar, a Persian merchant residing in Shanghai. Gives details regarding the incident.
1934CE Feb 22nd


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