Punishment / Sentencing

Soviet Representatives on Tribunal Arrives News Article

Reports that A. E. Zaryanov (Soviet representative for the IMTFE) and S. A. Golunsky (Soviet associate prosecutor) have arrived in Tokyo to assume their positions for the war crimes tribunal. Another news wire piece reports that Chen Kung-po, Japanese appointed puppet in China, was sentenced to death in Soochow.

Evidence in Jap Trials Assailed by Chicagoan News Article

Reports on the commentary offered by Lt. Robert J. Collins, defense attorney representing Major Yaichi Rikitake at the Yokohama war crimes trials. Rikitake was charged with "the death of 150 allied prisoners." Collins maintained that hearsay evidence admitted through affidavit would never have been allowed in the American court system, but was being allowed at the war crimes trial. Other news items reported on include the sentencing of Isamu Ishihara for torturing American prisoners while serving as an interpreter at Shanghai prisoner camps and the execution of thirteen Japanese convicted of war crimes in Canberra, Australia.

Jap Abuser of Illinois Yank Gets 50 Years News Article

Reports on the 50-year sentenced given to Lt. Miyoroku Okada ("former Nagoya prisoner of war camp commandant") by the Eighth Army commission in Yokohama. Lists the charges against him. Also states that Lt. Takeharu Hirata (former Fukuoka camp commander) will go on trial on Wednesday and that Lt. James A. Miner "was named to prosecute three Japanese officers who will be tried at Manila for war crimes in the Philippines).

Use of Force Urged by Jap Militarists News Article

Discusses a report from Sadaichi Yoshimoto (former chief of staff of Japan's Central China Expeditionary Army) to Masataka Yamazaki (minister of war in 1939) that "advocated the blockading of the Yangtze River to 'drive out British influence.'" The report further argued for the use of force to stop Great Britain from aiding Chiang Kai-shek. Other brief news wire service reports discuss the trial of Toshio Takeshita in Yokohama, the "inadequacy" of sentences in Yokohama according to Lt. Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger, and the fact that "Germany urged Japan to start war in 1941" according to Hiroshi Oshima when he relayed his discussions with German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop.

450 More Japanese Are Listed for Trial News Article

Reports on the approval by the United Nations war crimes commission to include 450 more Japanese to be tried as war criminals. Other news items discussed include the meeting of Fusaaki Uzawa, Iichiro Kiyose and 20 lawyers at the office of the Association of Lawyers Defending Class A War Crime Suspects at the Nissan Building. Also includes information on the release of Shigo Tsuda who had been incarcerated at Sugamo prison.

20 Lawyers From U. S. to Defend War Criminals News Article

Reports on the selection of 20 attorneys from the United States to help defend Tojo and the other accused Japanese defendants at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. A brief news wire service article at the end reports that Lt. Nobeyaka Yamaguchi had been sentenced to death by hanging at Rabaul "for the massacre of 200 New Britain residents in August, 1945."


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