Trial Procedure

Evidence in Jap Trials Assailed by Chicagoan News Article

Reports on the commentary offered by Lt. Robert J. Collins, defense attorney representing Major Yaichi Rikitake at the Yokohama war crimes trials. Rikitake was charged with "the death of 150 allied prisoners." Collins maintained that hearsay evidence admitted through affidavit would never have been allowed in the American court system, but was being allowed at the war crimes trial. Other news items reported on include the sentencing of Isamu Ishihara for torturing American prisoners while serving as an interpreter at Shanghai prisoner camps and the execution of thirteen Japanese convicted of war crimes in Canberra, Australia.

Aggression Plot to Link 3 Areas in Continent Bared News Article

Reports on the testimony given by Ryukichi Tanaka regarding propaganda, the patriotic league Sakurai Kai, the Kwantung Army, and aggression in Manchuria. Names specific policies taken by the Tojo government and the Five Year Plan for Manchuoka. At one point, the article states "Prosecutor Sackett then attempted to delve into the autonomous movements that were launched in Mongolia and North China. Lawrence J. McManus, defense counsel, objected heatedly to the devastating statements made by Tanaka on the ground of irrelevancy, but Justice Webb declared that the issues before the Tribunal were so vast, multitudinous, involved and co-related that he could hardly judge what is and what is not relevant."

Tanaka Tells Second Effort to Oust Tojo News Article

Reports on the testimony given by Maj. Gen. Ryukichi Tanaka where he stated that "he made a vigorous effort during 1944 to induce Gen. Kasushige Ugaki to head a movement to obtain control of the Japanese Government and end the war." Also refers to Tanaka's first attempt to overthrow the Tojo government. Other topics discussed include Okawa's actions in Manchuria, the Kwantung Army, and guidelines from Sir William Webb on the types of arguments that would be admissible before the tribunal.

Takes 5 Hours to Read Charge Against 26 Japs News Article

Reports that it took Joseph B. Keenan five hours to read the 56 page document indicting the Japanese war defendants. Mentions the two motions that were brought before the court (one for dismissal of charges against Matsuoka and Okawa due to illness and one asking for the acceptance of certain facts without detailed proof). Also reports on the expressed dissatisfactions the defense counsel held regarding the tribunal.

26 Top Japs, Including Tojo, Face Court Friday News Article

Reports that the 26 Japanese defendants at the IMTFE would enter their pleas on Friday and were "expected to plead innocent and to challenge the international tribunal's jurisdiction." Outlines the procedure for travel from Sugamo prison to the War Ministry building for the tribunal, Keenan's planned response to the defense's challenge regarding the validity of the trial, and the general set-up of the courtroom.

Tojo May Argue Rights of Court News Article

Reports on the potential defense move to challenge the validity of the Tokyo tribunal's jurisdiction and it's legality after Sir William Webb indicated that that line of reasoning would be permitted. Also relates continued outbursts in court by defendant Shumei Okawa as well as the reading of the full indictment and subsequent adjournment.

Japs Accused of Beheading Denver Flier News Article

Reports on the upcoming trial of Masaaki Mibuchi and Jutaro Kikuchi, both of whom were "accused of beheading and bayoneting 2nd Lt. Darwin T. Emry, Denver, Colo., B-29 bombardier whose plan crashed after the great Tokyo raid of last May 25." The article (from the Pacific Stars and Stripes) indicates that the trial will be unique because the case will rest solely upon testimony from Japanese witnesses "rather than on affidavits and other documents."

Phelps' Miscellaneous Data Folder

Contains multiple memoranda regarding witness testimony before the tribunal, important dates in Japanese history, various Japanese Cabinet's and their structure; and brief summaries of Japanese treaty violations.


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