Punishment / Sentencing

Army Tribunal Acquits First Jap Defendant News Article

Reports the acquittal of Shunsuke Kato at the Yokohama trial held by the Eighth Army Military Commission. It was the first acquittal by this group. Gives details regarding the case against Kato who had been "accused of assisting Cpl. Naraichi Chihara to beat prisoners." Kato's defense included assertions that he was only following direct orders from his supervisor. Also reports on the sentencing of Pvt. Truo Ono and Cpl. Motoichi Sakagami.

5 Japs Sentenced to Die for Slaying Milwaukee Airman News Article

Reports on the sentencing of seventeen Japanese military men in Shanghai, China "for the strangulation and cremation of three American B-29 flyers at Hankow in December, 1944." Another news wire item reports on the sentencing of Lt. Gen. Fukuei Shimpei to death by shooting in Singapore.
1946CE Mar 1st


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