Punishment / Sentencing

Homma Dissent Irks Keenan News Article

Reports that Keenan is upset with Homma's defense counsel position that "a procession of judicial lynchings without due process of law may now follow" in the wake of the U. S. Supreme Courts decision to reject Homma's appeal of his death sentence from the Manila trial. Also reports that Tatsuo Tsuchiya was convicted in the Yokohama trial by the Eighth Army commission for atrocities committed against prisoners.

Death Sentence Upheld; Raps General's Cruelty News Article

Reports on Gen. Douglas MacArthur's decision to uphold the death sentence of Gen. Tomouki Yamashita. Also reports that "SCAP ordered the immediate arrest to Gen. Sadamu Shimomura" as he is accused of "issuing the final death orders against the three executed Doolittle fliers." Discusses the legal issues surrounding the Yamashita case. Another news item reports on the Homma trial with the headline "Homma admits he ordered 'Death March' : 'Morally responsible for anything that happened,' tells Court."

'Death March' Jap General Awaits Rifles News Article

Reports on the transfer of Lt. Gen. Masaharu Homma to the Luzon prisoner of war camp No. 1 immediately following his sentencing to death by a firing squad. Describes how Homma received the sentence as well as the conclusion of his trial. Indicates that both his sentence and that of Yamashita will go to Gen. Douglas MacArthur for final review.


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