Trial Preparation / Structure

Supplement to Doc. 89 - Analysis of Documentary Evidence

Analysis of Copy, "Compilation of Definitions of Aggression." Crimes to which document applicable: Aggression. Summary of Relevant points: Contains definitions from such sources as: James T. Shotwell's, "War as an Instrument of National Policy"; von Verdross, "Volkerrecht"; "Events Leading up to World War II"; Convention for definition of aggression, (London, 3 July 1933); "Amer. Journal of International Law Supplement"; the Final Act of the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace; Clyde Eagleton's "An attempt to Define Aggression"; Quincey Wright's, "The Concept of Aggression in International Law"; Draft Act by Comm. on Security Question's of the League of Nations, (May, 1933); the Protocol for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes; and, the Draft Treaty on Mutual Assistance submitted to the League of Nations, 29 Sept. 1923. A. N.: annotated to other Pre-Trial Treaties Briefs.
1946CE May 30th

Minutes of Second Meeting of Evidence and Defendants Committee

Gives a description of the proceedings of the 2nd Meeting of the Evidence and Defendants Committee held at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, 12 March 1946 in room 610. Mainly concentrates on appointments in various IPS divisions and procedural items for how to handle the structuring of the prosecution for the trial. Those in attendance include Comdr. McMullen, Mr. Danly, Brig. Quilliam, Mr. Mignone, and Capt. Williams.
1946CE Mar 12th


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