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Tojo Secures Tokyo Lawyer For Defense News Article

Reports that "Dr. Ichiro Kiyose, along with Matasaku Shoibara, will defend former Premier Hideki Tojo at the international trial of Japanese war criminals scheduled for some time in April." Gives a brief biographical background of Kiyose as well as statements he made in the past indicating that he "opposed dicatatorship of militarists." Kiyose provided his reasoning behind defending Tojo by informing the public that "he had undertaken to defend the head of the Pearl Harbor cabinet in order to clarify his responsibility and to protect he human rights of the accused."
1946CE Mar 10th

Top Jap Trials Await Supreme Court Action News Article

Reports on the delay of trial for Tojo and other accused major war criminals as they await the United States Supreme Court's decision regarding the legality of Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita's trial. Delves into legal consequences that could arise from whatever decision the Supreme Court made as well as how the charter for the IMTFE was altered in light of the charter that established the trials in Manila.

Yamashita Doomed; President Rejects Plea for Clemency News Article

Reports that President Truman refused to consider Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita's plea for clemency and that he will therefore be executed. Includes the fact that newsmen will be barred from the hanging and that the day and time of the event will be kept secret. Other news items discussed include the increased personnel investigating Japanese war crimes and the charges being brought against Kiyoichi Mori, Tsuyoshi Sakai, and Nubuo Kanayama for their trial before the Eighth Army military commission in Yokohama.

4 Days to Go, Japs Wait for U. S. Defense Aid News Article

Reports that the Japanese war criminal suspects to stand trial before the IMTFE are still awaiting their U. S. defense counsel to help their Japanese attorneys and that there are only four days remaining before the scheduled indictment. Another news wire piece reports that J. C. B. Ehringhaus, former governor of North Carolina, refused to serve as the chief American defense counsel for the Japanese.


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