Trial Preparation / Structure

Two Liberated Prisoners of War Describe Ordeal Under Jap Rule News Article

Two news articles. One "Two Liberated Prisoners of War Describe Ordeal Under Jap Rule: 41-Month Enslavement is Ended for Bureau County Sailor; Japs Brutally Attack B-29 Pilot After Plane is Shot Down" and second "Expect Allies to Indict Tojo Cabinet Today: Procedure in Tokyo to Be Simple."

Army, Navy, Marines on Atrocity Tribunal News Article

Reports that for the first time, army, navy, and marine personnel are serving together on the Eighth Army War Crimes Commission. They include: Navy Capt. Beverly M. Coleman, Major William McLaughlin (marines), Lt. Col. Gleason L. Beachy (army), Major Harold E. Raffensperger (army), and Capt. Ray T. Hornby (army).

Rules of Procedure of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East

Establishes the rules and procedures for the IMTFE as established by the special proclamation of January 19, 1946. Contains 9 main rules covering: 1. Noted to accused 2. Service of additional documents 3. Order at the Trial 4. Witnesses 5. Applications and motions before the taking of evidence by the Tribunal and rulings during the trial 6. Records, exhibits and documents 7. Seal 8. Forms of oath and affirmation 9. Effective date and powers of amendment and addition.

Revised Deadline Dates

Lists deadlines for Chinese Military Aggression Including Atoricites, Opium and Narcotics, Economic Aggression, Relations with Germany and Italy, Relations with Russia, Preparations for War, Relations with U.S. & Great Britain, Relations with Netherlands,
1946CE Jun 28th

International Courtroom News Clipping

Large photographs of the IMTFE courtroom when it is empty. Caption states: "International Courtroom. Here are two views of the room where former Premier Tojo and other Japanese war leaders will be tried as war criminals. The room is in the War Ministry building in Tokyo, which once housed their offices. In the photograph at the left is shown the space for spectators, in the gallery, with the radio control and broadcasting booth at the top. The section under the gallery will be occupied by newspapermen. At the left will be the defendants, with military police and guards behind them, and defense counsel in front of them. The small tables in the center are for the chief defense counsel and chief prosecutor. Associate prosecutors and associate judges will be in the seats in the foreground. The judges will be on the raised platform at the right, with the presiding judge in the center, and the row of chairs in front of them are for court reporters. The picture at the right is taken from the spectators' gallery and shows the section, in the background, reserved for distinguished visitors and general officers. The defendants' section is at the right, the judges at the left. The large booth at the right will house movie cameras. (Signal Corps Photos).

Special Tribunal Hears Tojo Trial News Article

Photograph of the IMTFE judges with the caption "Members of the Special Tribunal which will try the wartime Premier Hideki Tojo and 27 other Jap militarist leaders, are shown at the Ministry of War in Tokyo, Japan, where the trials will be conducted. In front row (left to right) are: Lord Patrick, United Kingdom; Justice John P. Higgins, United States; Sir William Flood Webb, Australia; Ju-Ao-Mei, China and Justice I. M. Zaryanov, Russia. In the back row are: Justice E. Stuart McDougall, Canada; Professor B. V. A. Roling, Netherlands; Henri Reimburger, France and Justice A. H. Northcroft of New Zealand. This is the first group photo. (International Soundphoto).


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