Trial Preparation / Structure

Cramer's Seat on Tribunal Challenged News Article

Reports on the defense challenges to the replacement of John P. Higgins with Myron C. Cramer as a judge on the Military Tribunal for the Far East. The defense requested a mistrial on the grounds that charter had not specifically allowed for Cramer to sit as a replacement on the tribunal.

Eugene Williams Added to Keenan's Law Staff News Article

Reports on the addition of Eugene Williams (head of the United States Department of Justice, lands division) as a special prosecutor to the IMTFE. Another news wire piece reports that Japanese Lt. Gen. Takeshi Kono will be tried in Manila "on April 15 on charges that he condoned the beheading and burning of 17 United States citizens on Panay island."

Too Hot, So War Crimes Trial Recesses News Article

Reports on the indefinite recess of the IMTFE as a result of the lack of an adequate cooling system for the courtroom. The intense heat conditions caused some members to fear adverse health side effects if they continued to meet during the hottest weeks of the summer. Also reports on the upcoming return of Joseph B. Keenan from the United States and the recent appointment of Myron Cramer to replace Justice John P. Higgins as the United States representative on the tribunal.

Tojo Reported Admitting War Guilt in Cell News Article

Reports that former Japanese Premier Hideki Tojo has talked with Allied interrogators and admitted his guilt. He has not stated what his plea will be before the tribunal, however. The article outlines the upcoming dates for the trial, tentative structure, and composition of the tribunal.


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