IPS Clerical Information

Briefing, Reassignment of Personnel and Final Preparation for Trial

Amends and supplements the 12 April 1946 memorandum. Contains instructions on how to prepare briefs, and make the opening statements for each phase to the court. Lists the names of the attorneys and their assigned subject group.
1945CE May 7th

Suggested List of Probable Defendants

List of possible defendants submitted by the evidence and defendants committee. Contains 34 individuals including: Araki, Doihara, Hashimoto, Hirota, Hoshino, Itagaki, Kido, Matsui, Matsuoka, Nagano, Oikawa, Oshima, Shigemitsu, Shimada, Shiratori, Suzuki, Togo, Tojo, Umezu, Minami, Arita, Nakamura, Hiranuma, Koiso, Muto, Masaki, Hata, Stahmer, Ott, Uemura, Kimura, Sato, and Tsukada.


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