IPS Clerical Information

Briefing, Reassignment of Personnel and Final Preparation for Trial

Lists each attorney according to the subject they are assigned too. Indicates that the first person listed under each section is responsible for giving the opening statement regarding the assigned subject. Also outlines how evidence should be processed and briefs should be written.
1946CE May 7th

Group Numbers and Assigned Counsel

Lists the assigned counsel for each group assigned to specific aspects of the trial. Groups include: 1. Japanese Constitution, Written and Customary, and the Functions of the Various Offices Held by Defendants; 2. Manchurian Military Aggression, 1931-1945; 3. All China Military Aggression, 1937-1945; 4. Economic Aggression in China, 1932-1945; 5. Narcotics in China and Elsewhere, 1923-1945; 6. Preparations for War; 7. Preparing Japanese Opinion for War; 8. Relations with Germany, Italy, France, and Thailand; 9. Relations with U. S. S. R.; 10. Relations with U. S. A. and British Commonwealth; 11. Relations with Netherlands and Portugal; 12. Class B Offenses; 13. Class C. Offenses 1931-45; 14. Law Relating to Class A; 15. Law Relating to Class B and C.

40 Hour Work Week and Weekend Schedule

Informs the IPS staff that although a 40 hour work week has been implemented, it is necessary for work to be done on the weekends sometimes. Instructs those who require workers over the weekend to "file a request with Capt. Salmons no later than 9 A.M. of the Friday preceding such Saturday and Sunday."
1946CE Jul 10th


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